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Magic Bubble

Introducing the main products of scientific curiosity and growing the imagination in children.

  • Magic Bubble Solution P 100ml Carton Box Packaging - 1 Carton Box(50cm*32cm*20cm, W*L*H, 10.6kg, 90 pcs )1,000
  • Magic Bubble Bangwoolzzang Set Solution 350ml, ring(dia 19cm), tray8,000
  • Magic Bubble Bangwoolzzang Solution 350ml Carton Box(50cm*32cm*20cm, W*L*H, 16.8kg, 40 pcs )4,000

Bangwool Land

Various studies and bubbles and lead the creative development of soap bubbles.

Bangwool Land Co. About Us Bangwool Land is a company specialized in producing and supplying giant soap bubble solution.
Video Playing Video Check out the usage and precautions for exciting Magic Bubbles bubbles How to play video!
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